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StrawberryFrog is the Cultural Movement firm. We are a tight group of cultural engineers, strategists, designers, creatives and movement makers. We embrace a fresh and modern operating mentality that generates relevant and motivating ideas that are powerful business drivers. Once you have Cultural Movement, you can do anything in a fragmenting market.

Time to stop doing what we've always done.

We help companies and organizations thrive by developing Cultural Movement through our own methodologies that solve problems inside companies and outside, and maximize business opportunities—accelerating growth and meaningful differentiation. Through a process developed over 20 years, which includes multidisciplinary thinking, an emphasis on empathy, innovative and rigorous anthropological research, and original processes, we develop transformative Cultural Movement brands, strategies, ideas, creativity, content, tactics, and programs grounded in intelligent business principles.

It starts with a smart movement strategy. Next you need to get all C-Suite and stake holders aligned on this innovative approach with a proven track record.

Caring is cool!

Whether you're facing the challenge of activating purpose or culturally transforming your company, engineering a new brand from scratch or unlocking your brand potential, renewing relevance and growth, we develop Cultural Movement strategies, programs, content and creativity through a proprietary process. Thereafter, we steward the movement in your firm, in your brand teams, across your portfolio, and in market.