StrawberryFrog is the world’s first Movement Marketing, Advertising and Design company based in NYC. 

We’ve developed and launched more purpose driven brands through Movements, and we aren’t stopping anytime soon.  


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How to turn Pampers into a modern movement for Baby Development, relevant for a new generation of parents.

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How to disrupt the wellness category and build growth fast with the “Let’s Tingle” movement.

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The nostalgia movement that reignited a passion for Reebok globally.

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How to ignite a mass movement among Gen-Z with Coca Cola's Peace Tea brand.


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How StrawberryFrog ignited a movement for New Balance to launch breakthrough products. 


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How to transform LG into a modern global brand through a movement, design & advertising. 


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How to build the onUp movement into an army of 3.8 Million participants, and achieve extraordinary results for a top ten bank. 

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How to reinvent and grow one of America's most famous brands,
with a movement against the patriarchy and for equality.

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How a movement for 'Championism' made Heineken the world's most successful sports sponsorship. Heineken UEFA Champion's League.

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How the 'Hello Tomorrow' movement propelled the Dubai-based airline to become the world's most admired. 

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How a movement led to a billion dollar beauty brand.

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How to win Cannes Gold by creating a movement to wake up America to the death and destruction caused by accidental opioid addiction.

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How to launch a healthy dog food brand, and build a massive following.

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How a movement launched one of the world's most human cities.

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How the Sabra Hummus movement built a 60% market share from scratch against the incumbents Nestle Tribe and Kraft Athenos, both of which dominated with over 30% share.

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Talent and global mindset beats a massive factory any day.

Our team is globally experienced, having worked with the world's most iconic brands. The combined expertise is second to none.

  Scott Goodson,  Founder & CEO

Scott Goodson, Founder & CEO

  Karin Drakenberg,  Executive VP, Operations

Karin Drakenberg, Executive VP, Operations

  Ashley Connors,  Strategy Director

Ashley Connors, Strategy Director

  Tyler DeAngelo, Executive  Creative Director

Tyler DeAngelo, Executive Creative Director

  Elizabeth Scordato,  Director of Project Management

Elizabeth Scordato, Director of Project Management

  Jon Ziedner,  Finance Director

Jon Ziedner, Finance Director

  Shana Bellot,  Client Service Director

Shana Bellot, Client Service Director

  Juliana Ossa,  Design Director