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Youth Movements in the 90s – The Face Returns

Mar 28, 2019

nyc-ad-agencyThe Face magazine, the source of cultural movements for generations of youth in Europe and the cool kids in the America’s and elsewhere, is back.

The new incarnation of The Face will first be an Instagram account, live this week, then a website, starting in mid-April.

The first new printed issue will not appear until summer, and be a quarterly magazine. Sure publishing has completely changed since the magazine closed down but then again in this digital world there’s a thirst for cultural nostalgia and methinks The Face is on to something special. Other successful examples of new age publications in the age of phones is “Author” taking the fashion world by story, created by the great grand niece of Coco Chanel, Oona and the cultural defining Brownbook about all things cool coming out of the Islamic world, published in Dubai.

Back in my formative years creating youth movements, The Face was founded by the editor Nick Logan as a music magazine with an finger on the pulse of cultural movements on the rise. Early contributors included Julie Burchill, Jon Savage and James Truman, who would go on to become the editorial director of Condé Nast. I worked on numerous campaigns shot by Juergen Teller who oversaw many of the covers of The Face.

I’m excited it’s back, and hope it lives up to the excessively high expectations set by its parents. It certainly gives rise to the hope that other culturally iconic magazines like Interview and Paper magazine.

By Scott Goodson
Founder of StrawberryFrog, the world’s first movement marketing company.

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