best bank marketing agency in new york cityIn 2015, trust in banks was at an all time low. Products and services weren’t differentiated. We wanted to lead changes by activating the SunTrust purpose with a marketing movement. We designed, launched and stewarded the onUp movement — a group of people with a shared purpose to create change together. The movement was about moving America from financial stress to financial confidence. We called it onUp. We set out with the goal of 5MM people participating in 5 years. Moreover it enabled us to galvanize the SunTrust teammates, clients, customers, communities and companies.

Today almost 6 million people have taken action and believe in the onUp programs. The results have been extraordinary. Among teammates, 2 X better retention rates and greater pride in the company. Among participants they are 7% more loyal to the bank than non participants, and 50% are more likely to add new accounts. And over 200 corporate clients participate in Momentum onUp and living by a budget has increased from 43% to 87%, and 99% would recommend the onUp program to others.

The Purpose Power Index, the first empirical study of purpose-based brands, ranked SunTrust as the top purpose-led bank. 

We achieved success through movement programs which galvanized 1. teammates inside the company; 2. consumers with, communications and the onUp experience, Momentum onUp for companies (financial wellness programs). The following work is a small portion of the programs we created to launch and grow the onUp movement into a force of nature to propel SunTrust forward. 

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