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Sabra came to StrawberryFrog when they were less than 10% of the US market, behind major players like Nestlé Tribe and Kraft Athenos brands. Fast forward to 2015, a mere 8 years later, and Sabra today boasts over 60% market share, dwarfing all the competitors. How did we get here? What made the difference? A multi-faceted, multi-year cultural movement for the brand from the start, not traditional advertising.

First, we wanted to celebrate the adventure that Sabra brought to the table. “Adventure Awaits” rallied all those who wanted to break the boring pattern of food, putting more Sabra products in the hands of dippers. Our motto reminded the world that we make delicious and traditional Mediterranean hummus, but it also effectively introduced some of our more adventurous flavors like dips, salsas, and guacamole. Appropriately, it all started at the dinner table. Next, Sabra and StrawberryFrog turned the ad world on its head by launching a national movement called the “Taste Intervention.” Hummus may seem like an everyday food to you, but for the vast majority of Americans, it’s that weird foreign stuff in a tub. While some marketers might see that as a negative, we used this insight to our advantage. We made hummus the centerpiece for a cultural movement called the Sabra “Taste Intervention.” The brand understood that Nestlé and Kraft were fighting over those 8% of Americans who describe themselves as “foodies,” but that 92% of Americans regularly eat spray cheese, ranch dressing, and order Chinese food. These hundreds of millions of people were targeted for our movement.

Sabra hummus became the ultimate solution for those good Americans who were stuck in a food rut simply expand their food horizons. With StrawberryFrog’s guidance, the world of Sabra grew exponentially and in 2013 we evolved to “Dip Life to the Fullest” based on our strategy to establish hummus as a dip. Now we went after the 80% of Americans who had not tried hummus, partnering to become the Official Dip of the NFL. Sabra went with the big movement idea rather than product advertisements to change habits, create passionate fans, build momentum, consideration, and share, rather than aggressively push their product. Since starting to work with StrawberryFrog it’s grown over 400%, earning over $400 million a year in sales and breaking records.

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