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The “Out The Monster” movement tackles America’s epidemic of accidental opioid addiction. 1 in 5 people prescribed painkillers will become addicted. Like a vicious monster, addiction takes away their jobs, their families, and even their lives. But how do you offer a solution to a problem nobody wants to talk about?

With “Out the Monster,” we set out to erase the stigma of accidental addiction.

A two minute unbranded film introduced the idea of addiction as a monster; a grotesque nightmare that ruined lives and killed thousands. Viewers were directed to outthemonster.com and the site invited people to show support for the monster’s victims through social media. A forty-page hardbound book that told the monsters’ story was distributed to 50,000 doctors and healthcare professionals nationwide. All elements of the campaign focused on bringing the conversation out of the shadows and into doctor’s offices.

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