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Northwell Health is reminding all New Yorkers that the state’s largest health care provider and private employer is ready for any obstacles that may come in the months ahead. Created by StawberryFrog New York, it is narrated by Steve Buscemi, the New York-based actor, director, writer, producer and former FDNY firefighter. Affectionately titled “Dear New York,” the campaign hinges on the insight that New Yorkers might be concerned about a new wave of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) as summer turns to the fall and winter. However, Northwell Health will remain the steady leader that cares for them no matter what.

“We want to continue to deliver powerful creative storytelling to ensure New Yorkers understand that we are here, and ready for what lies ahead of us,” said Ramon Soto, senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer at Northwell. “Our partnership with StrawberryFrog continues to lead to culturally relevant strategy and distinct creative voices. Leadership and preparedness are important attributes in the situation we continue to face. The pandemic has been tough on a lot of people in our communities. We need to continue to provide inspiring messages, and reassure New Yorkers that we will keep them safe as we enter the fall and winter months.”

Well begins with we

COVID-19 has inspired everyone at home to take responsibility for their well-being and the well-being of everyone around them. It’s the beginning of a movement called, “Together We Well.”

Northwell believes that your personal well-being is every bit as important as that of our patients. That’s why we offer programs and services to support your total well-being—physical, financial, emotional and spiritual. We invite you to explore the helpful resources on this site, and the daily posts featured on our Northwell Life Facebook Group.

Well-being is a journey taken together. Why be a patient when you can be a partner.

Together We Well.

marketing for healthcare industry

“Fearless leader”

We used the power of animated storytelling in our latest advertising campaign aimed at fighting COVID-19. “Fearless leader” is the story of a young girl who rallies New Yorkers to assist health care workers in the pandemic. The 30-second television ad begins with the girl inside a Northwell hospital during the height of the patient surge that overwhelmed metro New York hospitals in late March. She witnesses firsthand the devastation COVID-19 leaves upon patients, and the tireless commitment of caregivers on the front lines. She then leads the chorus of appreciation during the celebratory “clap out” that’s become iconic of the pandemic, honoring those who have been stepped down from intensive care or discharged from the facility. Later outside the hospital, the girl spreads optimism among community members — pizza delivery workers, sanitation employees and even pigeons — leading into the ad’s climax, when the girl embraces encouraging words from a Northwell physician and strikes the “giant coronavirus” down with a mythical sword. The TV spot also features the renowned, culturally inspiring beat poet IN-Q, whose emotional voice rallies communities to fight COVID-19 with “love.”

“New Yorkers are strong individuals and we want to continue to provide positive visuals and messages and reassure them that we will persevere,” said Ramon Soto, senior vice president and chief marketing officer of Northwell Health. “The little girl represents their collective bravery, toughness and triumph through adversity. We’ve been in this together since day one. And this advertisement celebrates that bond as we advance through this unique time.”

marketing for healthcare industry

In April, Northwell launched this campaign as the coronavirus started surge in New York. It features New York’s front line healthcare heroes as Freja The Dragon’s original song “Give You All My Love” plays in the background.

“As New Yorkers and others across the globe deal with stress, anxiety, and fear, we wanted to express the gratitude that all of us have for our health care heroes who are working tirelessly to fight the virus head on and care for our loved ones,” said Ramon Soto, chief marketing officer of Northwell Health.

“My song is inspired by the courage, bravery, and resilience of so many Northwell heroes and all health care workers across New York and the globe, who are fighting tirelessly to save lives,” says international acclaimed singer/songwriter, Freja The Dragon. “It is with my deepest love and appreciation that I dedicate ‘Give You All My Love’ to them.”

marketing for healthcare industry

On March 23, Northwell introduced a powerful new TV commercial developed by StrawberryFrog into the marketplace, as part of a broader “Information is Healthy, Fear is Not” campaign. The commercial seeks to reassure New Yorkers that we will heal together, and drives viewers to useful information about COVID-19 on our website. Voiced by Ray Romano, life long New Yorker who lends his voice in support of the message to stay optimistic, get educated and follow government guidance regarding dealing with coronavirus. Mr. Romano received no renumeration. 

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