Building a Movement for New York’s largest healthcare system during a pandemic has been humbling and absolutely inspiring. Throughout 2020, Northwell and StrawberryFrog worked hand-in-hand to navigate the uncertainty of a historic crisis and anticipate the messages millions of New Yorkers needed to hear to get them through another day. The video below highlights the results of that powerful partnership.

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As America turned the page on 2020, we launched the Raise Health Movement – an ambitious multi-year platform that set out to redefine our entire definition of health – from being limited to aches and pains and cholesterol levels, to including societal ills like racism, gun violence and food insecurity. 

But this Movement needed to do more than activate and inspire New Yorkers; we also needed to galvanize Northwell’s 75,000+ employees. Because when the status quo makes us sick, we can remain silent, or we can all Raise Health.

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