Northwell Health launches “Hope Tracker” in the heart of NYC.

May 1, 2020

As incidence has slowed and the focus on the COVID-19 pandemic shifts to optimism and recovery, Northwell Health announced that it will unveil the Hope Tracker at Madison Square Garden. A digital outdoor mega board, the Hope Tracker will appear on the 7th Avenue marquee on April 23rd and run for sev

eral weeks. It will highlight the increasing number of patients who have successfully defeated the virus at one of the health system’s 23 hospitals.

New York’s largest health care provider and private employer, Northwell has treated thousands of COVID-19 patients since the outbreak began in early March. As of April 23, nearly 7,200 patients have recovered within the health system’s facilities, including more than 1,000 patients discharged at both North Shore University Hospital in Manhasset, NY, and Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New Hyde Park, NY. Lenox Hill Hospital, in Manhattan, NY also discharged more than 800 COVID-19 patients.

“COVID-19 is beatable and the Hope Tra

cker is another way to emphasize that recovery is happening here in New York,” said Ramon Soto, Northwell senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer. “Recovery is an important storyline to the situation we continue to face. The pandemic has been tough on a lot of people in our communities. We need to continue to provide positive visuals and messages, and reassure them that we will persevere.”

The Hope Tracker was developed by the award-winning movement marketing firm StrawberryFrog and is part of Northwell’s larger “Information is Healthy, Fear is Not” campaign. Northwell launched the campaign in mid-March with a full-page ad in The New York Times, followed by a PSA narrated by actor and New York native Ray Romano, who trumpeted hope and inspiration for New Yorkers and followed with a campaign that demonstrates the heartfelt gratitude for the front-line health care workers facing COVID-19 each day.

“We wanted to find a simple yet powerful way to provide hope, while honoring the resilience shown by our healthcare heroes. What better way to do this than the Hope Tracker?” says Josh Greenspan, Executive Creative Director, StrawberryFrog.

By Barbara Osborn.

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