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Nature’s Variety wanted to drive an active dialogue amongst consumers around the brand’s core philosophy to empower people to transform the lives of pets with a focus around pet rescue. Typically, pet adoption communications focus on the damage and misfortune of shelter animals to target our guilt triggers. Yet, there still remains a big barrier with dog adoptions: the fear of the unknown. People assume abandoned dogs are riddled with problems. In light of this, we see how these “doom and gloom” campaigns actually work to reinforce this adoption-hurdle and paint these animals as “damaged goods.”

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Our solution? Hope and love are more motivating than fear and guilt. Every day, hordes of proud rescue pet owners are documenting every moment of their new pet’s life on social platforms. There are hundreds of thousands of social posts under #rescuedog, #rescuecat and #rescuepet, and even more hashtags out there supporting the cause. Capitalizing on this trend, StrawberryFrog helped Nature’s Variety bring together this community to celebrate the positive stories of pet adoption: stories of liberation, freedom, renewal, and love. By doing this, we are overcoming the primary adoption-hurdle and showing these animals not as suffering victims, but as beautiful pets that are the source of so much joy. We created an online portal for people to document and share the journey of their newly adopted dog with categories like Found, Car Rides, Treats, Walks, Fetch, Family, and Home. With the overwhelming amount of submissions, we decided to connect everyone who has ever brought home a rescue dog. “Day One,” a user-generated stop-motion film, shows a dog’s journey from a shelter to the amazement of a new home, as told by thousands of rescue dogs.

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