Movement Marketing: An Introduction

Jan 6, 2019

nyc-ad-agencyStrawberryFrog is the world’s first Movement Marketing company. We have developed a proprietary approach through 20 years of hands on work to devise and incite Movement Marketing for business growth.
A brand can identify, crystallize, curate or sponsor a mass movement. Once you have a cultural movement, you can do anything in a changing media environment. A cultural movement is when an idea on the rise inspires mass engagement by the culture.

StrawberryFrog has defined two types of movements: Mass Participation (where your Big Idea is embraced by pop culture) and Social Movements (where your Big Idea actually changes society or culture). Both are ways of amplifying your Big Idea. The business value of mass engagement by the culture includes earned media (on top of paid media) and greater penetration, conversion and loyalty through word of mouth. Net, they help build share.

Movement Marketing is a proven framework within which brands can grow their share. We have a number of examples of brands that have grown faster, smarter and better through movement marketing vs traditional advertising, regardless of how creative the advertising is. The reason is consumers want to be part of something more meaningful. Advertising feels like green-washing whereas a movement is a self-reinforcing framework based on what the consumer is passionate about in their lives.

If you want to change your fortunes and in the process change the world, here’s the movement marketing frame-work that has delivered results for brands such as Jim Beam, Pampers. Emirates Airline, Pfizer, Google, Sabra Humus, Peace Tea, Heineken.


FORMULATE: What are you for, what is the enemy?
1. Define the change you want to make.
2. Understand your target “people”.
3. Understand the cultural context.

AGITATE: Begin small to grow big
4. Be purpose inspired and benefit driven.
5. Begin the movement with your own people.
6. Insightfully provoke a discussion.

EXPLODE: Ignite your passionate advocates
7. Build a community space to gather your advocates.
8. Create “must-share” story telling, content, and language.
9. Influence the opinion formers and influencers.

FUEL: Spark mass participation
10. Have a simple call to action.
11. Ignite in key flashpoints.
12. Amplify to a wider audience.
13. Let social and cultural media be the oxygen.
14. Nurture in real time.

By StrawberryFrog

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