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movement bootcamp

movement bootcamp

This is a masterclass on what both experience and science have taught us about how to become a cultural movement marketer — while also growing your business. As Scott Goodson points out in his best selling book “Uprising,” if you’re like most brands – you can no longer afford to talk to people via the weight of traditional advertising alone. You need to attract them by associating your brand with a movement they care about. This session, which is based on 20 years of Frog experience with some of the world’s major brands such as P&G, PepsiCo, Microsoft, Google, SunTrust Bank, Heineken, Jim Beam, Emirates Airline, Morgan Stanley, LG Electronics, Frito Lay, will cover:
• How one simple tweak to your marketing strategy can help transform you into a movement marketer
• How the best cultural movement marketers use an idea-on-the-rise in culture to boost effectiveness (and how you can do the same without upping your marketing budget)
• The not-so-obvious secret that makes top performing cultural movement marketers perform 25% better, and become 30% more effective at achieving goals.

Part training course, part intensive problem-solving workshop – this 3-5 hour session will leave attendees energized and ready to take on the biggest marketing problems, and start a movement of their own.

This workshop is designed to inspire your leadership team to think and act as a 21st century marketer, to understand the changes happening in the marketing landscape and exercises that enable you and your team to leap ahead with effective purpose branding and brand-fueled movement marketing. This bootcamp is focused on collaboration, experimentation and making things that matter in culture and to your employees and customers.

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