modern acupuncture

StrawberryFrog gave the beauty experts at Modern Acupuncture a makeover. Faced with finding a way for the new disruptor brand in the health and wellness space to tap into the $4.3 trillion-beauty industry, we sought to show Americans the benefits of this proven 3000-year-old remedy. With the “Let’s Tingle” movement StrawberryFrog propelled acupuncture into the 21st-century mindset.

The campaign aimed to showcase Modern Acupuncture’s offering of beauty, stress and pain treatments while communicating that it’s a natural way to feel better and more beautiful; a state of well-being and happiness. As a result, Modern Acupuncture’s franchise concept for the alternative medicine market and acupuncture industry saw a spike in franchise signatures and store openings. As the brand’s first campaign, StrawberryFrog wanted to engage those who knew about Acupuncture and those who were unfamiliar. We took cosmetic acupuncture and demystified the procedure, re-educating on the pain level (zero in most cases) and helping people understand that not only does it work, but cosmetic acupuncture goes way beyond the cosmetic benefits and could revolutionize the way we see and pursue beauty. In this new world of looking good, beauty is just a positive effect of better health. It’s time to turn inner beauty inside out. One fine line, one wrinkle, one deep breath at a time.

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