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Health Care Workers Battle Coronavirus filmed inside LBH Hospital

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, LifeBridge Health, the leading health services organization in Maryland and StrawberryFrog, its Movement Marketing Agency shot a short this film in the middle of the pandemic, actually shot inside one of Baltimore’s LifeBridge Health Hospitals with real health-care workers battling Covid. This sixty second film was shot in real-time, on the front line inside LifeBridge Health with real caregivers. Each of the caregivers were asked to step inside a “Care Booth” at the end of their shift…exhausted, human, raw. Shot on site at a LifeBridge Health facility, in accordance with the COVID-19 safety protocols by Tyler DeAngelo, StrawberryFrog’s ECD and renowned National Geographic photographer, anthropologist, and Pulitzer Center grantee Joshua Cogan. The StrawberryFrog team were simultaneously on a live video feed to see the footage being captured in real-time.

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In the face of significant change and increasing competition, our task was to change culture, retain talent, and build a motivating purpose brand for a confederation of independent hospitals.

Our solution was to devise the LifeBridge Health brand purpose, then action it a marketing movement. The movement motto summed it all up: CARE BRAVELY. It started inside the organization and then we pushed it externally. Movement Inside created focus, passions, motivation, and trust. It struck a nerve that generated pride and new habits among teammates while carrying a highly relevant message to the community and patients. We are establishing LBH as a thought leader with a bold message, amidst the robust competitive landscape with Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland, among others. Working closely with our clients we are creating work that is equal parts thoughtful, original provocative and effective.

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