LG had a tagline, Life’s Good, that was never clearly articulated. Even our LG clients struggled to tell us exactly what it meant. So, StrawberryFrog set out to give the tagline universal meaning and relevance across myriad product lines, and everywhere in the world. Why is life so good?

Most consumers share a universal desire to have a better life, and at LG, they believe that every innovation, whether it’s a better television, air conditioner, or washer/dryer, carries the potential to improve life even if it’s just in some small way. When you believe “it’s all possible,” then “life’s good.” We created a global brand look and feel, which was essential to unifying LG’s communication worldwide. Then, we launched an inspiring anthem film, articulating this new global position. The film was first utilized internally and online before being edited into a number of TV spots tailored to LG’s many markets. As a result, this project has given the LG brand much-needed clarity and global consistency, both internally and externally, across every market and every point of contact.

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