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How to reinvent and grow one of America’s most famous brands with a movement against the patriarchy and for equality.

StrawberryFrog developed the Jim Beam “Make History” movement against the patriarchy and for equality featuring Mila Kunis. It achieved:

43% sales growth
70% of current drinkers now under 44 (a complete shift prior to our campaign)
34% increase in year-on-year growth (Marketing Week)

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StrawberryFrog worked with Jim Beam’s top management to establish a growth board outlining a movement to reclaim the company’s dominance in a category that was being disrupted. We challenged the very culture of bourbon by igniting a movement to fight the patriarchy. Together, we took a stand for equality and inclusiveness that was best exemplified by our spokesperson, Mila Kunis.

Citing our Jim Beam work as his favorite, Fred Minnick wrote in Forbes on women and whiskey. Minnick approves of educational marketing and advertising, specifically commending StrawberryFrog’s Jim Beam work with Mila Kunis as she explains the role of barrels in aging. Minnick states that the focus of the TV spot enables her to speak from a position of strength and knowledge and as a result, the brand is admired by all genders.

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