Many brands invest millions only to have a logo on the side of the event, their impact on viewers equaling the size of the ad. With this in mind, Heineken and StrawberryFrog launched a new global movement called “Welcome to Champions Planet.” StrawberryFrog’s team faced a unique and complex challenge to create a marketing platform that distinguished Heineken amongst the world’s most hardcore football fans, while also managing to attract the hundreds of millions of casual viewers who tune into this massive sporting event: Champions League Football. That’s soccer to you Yanks.

The brand decided against doing a traditional ad campaign because Heineken understood there are hardcore fans and casual fans, both of whom needed to be persuaded. They went with a movement to build likability and momentum among all kinds of consumers. The work was executed across an array of platforms to generate buzz including digital, social and on television. Sales quadrupled leading up to the tournament as people were invited to join the fan community online to celebrate the culture of being a champion. Instead of another star-studded ad shining a spotlight on the day’s major athlete, we followed a lone soccer ball across the globe as it empowered and connected all kinds of fans leading them to meet together at the game.

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