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best beauty marketing agencyFounded over a decade ago on the belief that all of us deserve beautiful skin, European Wax Center has demonstrated its commitment to empowering women by offering services designed to reveal, not conceal. As European Wax Center encouraged its clients to embrace themselves, they needed to do the same and turned to StrawberryFrog to help build their brand identity. Settling on “Revealing Beautiful Skin,” the campaign was intended to elevate the brand from a purely waxing positioning and establish it as a contender in the beauty space.

Moving from logo design to defining strategy, we created the look and feel of the brand, and in the process helped grow the company into one of the hottest brands on the rise. Going for big and impressive, we raised eyebrows with provocative print ads. Next, we took over the Oscars and ran the red carpet. We even hijacked Fashion Week. Strut worthy stunts aside, maintaining focus with branded content while answering questions helped drive guests to stores. The idea behind this campaign and the motto underpinning the brand offered a strong, long-term platform in service of its next decade of growth.

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