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Emirates Airlines global movement and branding campaign needed to go way beyond conventional airline advertising. It needed to rally thousands of employees in one of the worlds fastest growing companies and make a statement about the future to move even the most cynical travelers today. Well before the brand campaign launched, we built long-lasting relationships for the Dubai based airline by leveraging the massive investments the airline was making building new aviation technology.

A multi-faceted, multi-media campaign was launched in over 150 markets around the world. The centerpiece was an anthem TV and digital film that honored Emirates Airline’s movement to bring the world closer together. Their motto, “Hello Tomorrow,” was introduced as a moving story that inspired a generation around the world. This movement was globally successful, making the news in travel, business, technology, marketing, and cultural sites. Magazines and newspapers around the world picked up the story and our campaign achieved millions of dollars in free media coverage. The idea that inspired the advertising behind the brand went on to inspire a thousand strong fleet of new employees at Emirates to create their own cultural movement at work. We could call this multi-faceted, multi-media campaign the result of an idea-centric media neutral movement for the new age. Or we could just say that when you do something worth talking about the whole world will take notice.

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