No One Cares About Your Brand

Jan 1, 2019


No One Cares About Your Brand.

It is not loved. It is not important.

It is not invited to anywhere but to your company picnic.

That is unless you can make the brand relevant to people’s lives.

To the way they understand things.

If your brand speaks in a voice that resonates inside them, and if it speaks the truth that they recognize, then suddenly people want to share that brand with their friends, and their friend’s friends, and their friend’s friend’s friends.

And it is like a fire spreading. A fire that began as a true understanding for the cultural shift that now feeds and informs it, and a true respect for the people who nurture, start and control that shift.

No one cares about your brand unless you speak to why you care about it.

Only then will you start a Marketing Movement. Only then.

By StrawberryFrog

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