Talent and global mindset beats a massive factory any day.

Our team is globally experienced, having worked with the world's most iconic brands. The combined expertise is second to none.

 Scott Goodson, Founder & CEO

Scott Goodson, Founder & CEO

  Karin Drakenberg,  Executive VP, Operations

Karin Drakenberg, Executive VP, Operations

  Ashley Connors,    Strategy Director

Ashley Connors, Strategy Director

 Laura Rhee

Laura Rhee

  Elizabeth Scordato,    Director of Project Management

Elizabeth Scordato, Director of Project Management

  Jon Ziedner,    Finance Director

Jon Ziedner, Finance Director

  Juliana Osso,    Design Director

Juliana Osso, Design Director

  Shana Bellot,  Client Service Director

Shana Bellot, Client Service Director