movement outside


Time to be modern. 

Traditional advertising is obsolete. Movements move passions, to move people to move product. 

At StrawberryFrog we focus on developing Cultural Movements for our clients to help grow business. 

More than just selling stuff, growth today comes from inspiring this new generation to passionately belong, engage and spread your movement with others.

Movements emanate from ideas but are grounded in action. 

We develop movement strategy, communications, content, advertising, innovations that ignite, spread and amplify movements to a wide audience.

We’ve proven that Cultural Movement grows business. Sabra Hummus from less then 10% into the 65% share giant it is beating out market leaders Nestle and Kraft. It helped Emirates Airline become the world’s greatest  airline. It revitalized Jim Beam into the world's best selling Bourbon. And it's the reason Pampers has grown market share consistently over 5 years straight. 

Movement brings people into the top of the funnel, something Byron Stark says is crucial to grow your brand in his NY Times best selling book “How brands grow."