movement is our dna


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We are living in the age of movements. Movements are changing everything from business to politics and society. We are the world's first Cultural Movement firm. It's in our blood. It's all that we do. And we've been engineering movements for 20 years for some of the most iconic businesses and business people in the world.

Today, companies and brands do not exist outside the real world. Rather they are ideas that align with culture and are shaped by human experiences and societal shifts. Understanding how your purpose or benefit fits within the cultural landscape is a critical first step in identifying opportunity. Modern brands invest in understanding ideas on the rise in culture, connecting the dots between culture, company purpose, and product benefit. 

Our passion is to help you become a passion brand.

We help our partners through our multidisciplinary approach centered on Cultural Movement. This ensures that brands are aligned with culture and steeped with meaning that is human and motivating and that ignites passions. 

We've developed Cultural Movement process that works across territories, companies, categories and mindsets. Based on our extensive global experience in sectors including travel, consumer-packaged goods, automotive, technology, health, beauty, urban development, finance, fashion, sport, and much more, we bring to each assignment the right mix of know-how, talents, and proprietary tools—customizing our approach to fit your unique needs and requirements. We have gained considerable expertise in the art and science of Cultural Movement working with the leadership of the world’s most iconic brands: Emirates Airline, Google, P&G, Microsoft, PepsiCo, Heineken, Jim Beam, LG Electronics, SunTrust and many others.