Turning around an iconic whiskey brand and generating the biggest HH penetration and share growth in the company's history, by build the brand globally among the new generation of consumers.


StrawberryFrog worked with the top management of Jim Beam to establish a growth board that ignited a movement to reclaim the company’s dominance in a category being disrupted. We challenged the very culture of bourbon by igniting a movement to fight the patriarchy and made a stand for equality and inclusiveness, best symbolized by our spokesperson Mila Kunis. 

Fred Minnick wrote in Forbes on women and whiskey and cited our Jim Beam work as his favorite. 

Minnick approves of educational marketing and advertising. He commends StrawberryFrog’s Jim Beam work with  Mila Kunis as she explains the role of barrels in aging. Minnick states that as a result the brand is admired by both women and men and that the TV advertising allows her to speak from a position of strength and knowledge.