what is a cultural movement?


"A brutally effective and proven way to grow your business faster than traditional advertising."

- Scott Goodson


our competitive edge


We grow companies by creating brand movements. From strategy to execution, we've mastered it all. And we've been doing it for the world's most iconic brands since 1999. Cultural movement is the activation purpose. Movements move people to move product.

movement is our dna


When you create movements for 20 years for everything from IKEA, smart car, Emirates Airline, Wal-Mart, Pampers, SunTrust, Heineken and Jim Beam, you learn a thing or two. It takes a mindset and expertise learned through experience.

what is a frog?


Someone who is big-minded and curious, open and always smiling. Frogs are about big ideas and big hearts, craftsmanship and attention to detail. A frog is smart, kind, confident and wickedly talented. Frogs believe that Cultural Movement is better, and smarter than advertising dinosaurs. A frog is a pirate, a rebel, a challenger, and a thought leader. In a world of dinosaurs it's good a frog. :)

movement v. adverstising


Cultural movement is the next step from purpose branding. Movements activate purpose brands. Movements are sustainable, rooted in passion, multi platform, create conversations and action, and are open to a lot of people. Advertising on the other hand is a finite cycle, rooted in product, traditional media, talking about yourself, and exclusive.

start an uprising


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